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  • PureFlow - Discontinued
    The PureFlow has been a great model over the years, but it has reached the end of its run. The PureFlow 7 will be the... Continue reading
  • PureCadence - Discontinued
    Since 2019 the PureCadence, along with the PureFlow 7 and the rest of the Connect experience, are no longer part of o... Continue reading
  • Children Shoes
    Previously we produced shoes for children, but they are no longer in our line-up and have since been retired. Current... Continue reading
  • Heritage Collection Shoes
    You've got some great taste to be searching for our Heritage Collection shoes. The Heritage Collection featured model... Continue reading
  • PureFlow 7
    Don't miss a step when you're in the flow. This clean and simple design won’t weigh you down. The flexible sole is de... Continue reading