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  • Hi! Hello! Howdy! Looking to get in contact with us?
    Hi there! Are you looking to contact Brooks Running Customer Care? We are more than happy to help.    There are a num... Continue reading
  • Find Brooks Gear in Your Area
    Visit our Store Finder  Sometimes it is best to try the product on yourself to be sure the fit and experience are i... Continue reading
  • Recycle Your Old Shoes
    When your shoes have run out of miles it is best to recycle them or re-use them for activities other than running. Mo... Continue reading
  • Empower Her collection
    Step by step. Women and girls across the world are making strides. ​ ​ We want to be there for every mile, every reco... Continue reading
  • Do you have stickers or swag?
    Looking to spread the Run Happy spirit and show your love for Brooks Running? We love to provide stickers and swag to... Continue reading
  • Will Brooks Sponsor my Event?
    We are excited about your interest in our brand and your desire to partner with us. The best way to explore event spo... Continue reading
  • Donation Requests
    If you're part of a charitable organization that is passionate about helping people get out and active, we want to he... Continue reading
  • Marine Corps Marathon FAQ
    I live outside of the US, can I purchase MCM Gear from Some international MCM runners have been... Continue reading
  • Become a Brooks Retailer
    We are excited you are interested in selling the best running gear in your store! We love our retail partners and wan... Continue reading
  • Register and Stay Connected!
    Congratulations on your new shoes! We run on science, now you can too; we hope they make the miles fly by! At Brooks,... Continue reading
  • How to Unsubscribe from Brooks Running
    Physical MailLooking to reduce your carbon footprint and receive fewer catalogs in the mail? We think our mailers are... Continue reading
  • Brooks Product Testing and Wear Testing Program
    Want to make great gear even greater? Keep testing it. It’s the science we live by, and we’re recruiting you to help.... Continue reading
  • Brooks Running Locations and Contact Information
    Brooks International   US Locations and Retail Stores Corporate Office3400 Stone Way N, Suite 500Seattle, WA 98103 US... Continue reading